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Master Inspections has a long standing passion for property in New Zealand. From humble beginnings, owner Dan Rogers tried and failed to purchase his first house in his late teens. Fast forward several years, with his partner in tow, he finally secured his first property in his early 20’s. He has been buying and renovating houses ever since, and his love for property has flourished into a growing Auckland business. 

Dan not only owns, but also operates Master Inspections. He is a trade certified builder, carpenter and a licensed building practitioner. His knowledge is invaluable when it comes to building and inspecting properties, or anything to do with property in general. 

The idea for Master Inspections was born from Dan’s dream to own his own business and work for himself. After having a career as a full time builder, his interest developed into inspecting houses for family and friends. Whether they intended to buy or sell, he could offer them property advice to save from heartache and stress later down the track. 

After years of looking through houses for people he loved, Dan realised that there was a real demand in New Zealand for property inspectors. 2021 saw the establishment of Master Inspections and the rest is history. 

To assist you in your decision making, Master Inspections can offer you pre-purchase building reports that give you the insights into a property that you need to know before you buy big. We help you eliminate the risk of nasty surprises when it’s too late to back out. Property purchase is a big decision, and should be treated as such, and we’re here to help. 


Master Inspections can also complete property inspections for sellers. If you’re looking at selling your property, we can do an inspection which will identify any issues that may prevent a house from selling well on the market. Our aim is to make your property journey as smooth as possible. 

All building inspections are carried out in line with the New Zealand Standard NZS4306:2005. Master Inspections hold full indemnity and public liability insurance.

Using the results from property inspections lets you negotiate how much you pay for a property. Weighing up what the issues will cost you when you move in, and the cost of the house you are buying, a property inspection gives you the upper hand and preparation to comfortably buy a house. A property inspection can also save you from making a big mistake, and advise you against a purchase that is accompanied with major issues, issues that you may not otherwise have known about. 


With every inspection, Dan’s passion gives him a sense of satisfaction knowing that he is truly helping someone making one of the biggest decisions in their life. It is this satisfaction that keeps him motivated, and how you know Master Inspections is the right company for you.

Dan Rogers, Director

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